Wurld – “Ghost Town” (Prod. by Spax)


Wurld – “Ghost Town” (Prod. by Spax)

Wurld – "Ghost Town"

With his latest hit “Love Nobody” still buzzing, WurlD releases a new AfroSoul single titled “Ghost Town”, produced by Spax.

WurlD’s stellar penmanship is further displayed in “Ghost Town“, as its lyrics open up discussions around the feelings of loneliness that often come with chasing a dream. Haters disguised as friends, Idols become rivals, the burnout one feels when the journey seems prolonged, and the fear of losing it all when you get to the top.

When chasing a dream, the path is long and may get lonely, but be careful not to lose your soul’ is the underlying message in the Ghost Town record, and WurlD uses phrases like “Pray I make it home alive..” to emphasize that. The added emphasis on ‘Hitting the bullseye’ is the desperate need to get it right every time. Everybody loves you then, but one miss, could bring you down, and you may end up in a ghost town- back where you started.

Listen to the Afrosoul record below and Enjoy! pure vibes


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