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The Story Of A Gambler!(A Must Read)

Posted by . on January 24, 2016 1

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The Story Of A Gambler!(A Must Read)
Hello Blogger’s Lab!
I beg you all to read this to the end, it might be of use to you!
I am sure not upto 10% of people here knows me… probably the people that knows me here may Tag me as scammer bcos i did some failed deals on group members adding last year!
I am actually a Young blogger and i started it in 2014 after i left secondary school… i worked for one person or another and i end up getting stories or getting scammed.. i then decided to stay on my own but nothing worked out bcos i bought several adsense which got disabled… just when i got an adsense account from a genuie source and i made my 2 months earnings $1300+ i got disabled again while waiting for my pin! that was in August 2015
I lost hope, i felt frustrated, i felt sick, and i couldnt help it again i even decided to do Stuffs that are not legit online so i can make money but nothing worked!
in september 2015 my schoolmates introduced me to Bet9ja sport betting and the very first day i attempted it, i played with 1k and won N14,000 Little did i know that it was a welcome Notice! I used half of the money to buy a new pair of shoe…. and i took the rest the next day!
within 1 hour everything was taken away from me! I felt bad that day and i went back to my hostel. i kept on playing and loosing all my feeding allowances, food money, borrowed money, & hard earned money. The highest money i have ever won was 28k
Last week my uncle decided to send me 100k from USA through western Union and i decided to go and boost some of the money… i keep playing this thing not because i am addicted, but because i thought i can recover all the money i av loosed! and i see some people turn to instant millionares through bet9ja… Olamide,lilkesh,phyno and crazeclown supports it as been ambassadors to this bet companys!
I took 30k from the 100k my uncle sent to me to the bet shop last week and everything wooped away. i went to withdraw another 30k… it all went within the twinkle of an eye again… i went ahead t
o withdraw the last 40k and i only had 1k left to go back home. it sounds like i am the biggest fool of all time , but till now i cannot explain the spirit that pushed me to do so. I was just regreting and there was nothing more i could do.
Today Tought me the lesson of my Life! on wednesday my mom gave me 15k to keep for her when she travelled to ilorin she told me she was going to come back next week monday… so on thursday again, i was forced to go and play this thing.. i said within myself that i wont play with more than N1000 no matter the case only to find myself loosing the whole money as usual. then unfortunately, my mom called me that she was coming home on friday that i should get the money ready as she needs it to fuel her car and buy stuffs as she was going for a wedding i couldnt tell her anything bcos she trusted me and that is the only reason she gave me the money to keep! i started sending out messages to all friends on facebook 90% ignored me probably bcos i had one issue or another with them, i started selling all i had …pages, groups, i even sold my phone at 3k just to raise money. finally i was able to raise N7000 … My mom asked for her money this morning and i told her that i kept it in the bank that i was going to withdraw it from the bank… i went to bet9ja again to see if i can raise it to 15k and give her all the money without any stress. Everything went again as usual. That was when i knew that i am addicted and it is more like a curse i can break.
I spent 2k Airtime calling different people to help me with money, Both Enemies and friends everyone turned me down… but just in time Francis Vincent Donvin sent me a message that that i should send my account number after recieving my message.. I asked for only 10k and he gave me 20k to settle myself he told me that he could av helped me to start a life Afresh but he sees that i am already an addict to gambling. immedately i sent my Account Number he credited me with 20k immedately and that is how i got out of all trouble today! I have made a promise to myself that i will never Gamble again and i will look for a platform to start Blogging again!
Francis Vincent Donvin Thank you so much for bringing me out of the biggest mess of my life now i have given my mom the money and i am free! Thanks i promise u i wont play that shit anymore!
I am not totally useless, I am good in running fb ads i can startup something with the little knowledge i have!
I am sorry to everyone who i have shown the Bad side of me Obi Chelsea Jonathan Nnadi Nnaemeka Donatus Paul Oghoghorie Henry Emeka Okagu Adejumo Opeyemi Jumbay i promise u all i will make it up to u!
Thanks to Swaggz Onpoint Abiola Samuel and Ajibade Temitope Matthew they have always been on my side despite all! i am ready to build my life again!
All i need is a trusted Adsense seller and a mentor to put me through!
I am not using this post to Garner Sympathy i am just trying to tell u that Gambling destroys people, and most especially i am been thankful to Donvin!
Note: He shared to a group I belong on fb, I decided to post it for you to learn

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