Sir Joe Oparaku – Orejiele (Okotuola Otu)


Sir Joe Oparaku – Orejiele (Okotuola Otu)

Sir Joe Oparaku – Orejiele (Okotuola Otu)

Sir Joe Oparaku is a popular hilife cum hiplife musician known to have taken the footsteps of late Dr. Sir Warrior of the Oriental Brothers in the field of hi-life music in the South Eastern Nigeria.

He released his first ever hi-life album tittled “ONYE OKOMOKO” volume1 in 2005 which gave him the stage name Sir Joe Okomoko.

His wonderful live stage performance and the way he thrills his fans in ceremonies has earned him so much popularity in the Igbo hilife and hiplife music.

He’s got Okomoko Vol. 2 and 3 to his debute which are all filled with good messages and lyrics that can change the society for good.

Kindly download and listen to this track titled “Orejiele” in which he’s detailing the impact of betting on the youths and the society in general.


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