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See An App To Replace Your Selfie Stick

Posted by . on January 6, 2016 0

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See An App To Replace Your Selfie Stick

A US-based developer has developed a camera app that lets a user take selfie or groupfie by just tilting his/her head and without a physical selfie stick.Named as “Selfie Stick“, the app is designed by San Diego-based iOS developer Ford Davis who reckons that the need to carry an extra bit of kit just to snap a selfie could be reduced with better self-timer software, TechCrunch reported on Tuesday.
“Selfie Stick is a virtual selfie stick that lets you take photos without using your hands, and without the need for a physical selfie stick, bluetooth trigger or headphone jack by using face detection magic,” the app details on Apple store.

Davis’s app has a free face-detecting feature that starts the timer as soon as a user tilts the head.

To take a photo, the user has to tilt his/her head till a green circle is fully drawn on the screen.

After the face is locked in, the green colour of the circle starts changing through orange to red to show the user how much time is left before the shot will be taken.

The app is a little glitchy at the introductory version (v1.0) as it requires extensive head tilting to trigger the timer.

Davis admitted that the app is not flawless.

“I am not funded, I do not have a company or any employees so I’m not technically even a startup, just a guy with a Macbook and some crazy ideas,” he said.

Also, if the user is not holding the phone in his/her hand, it has to be “mounted on a tri-pod or leaned against something”.

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This may not persuade selfie stick loyalists to switch to this app.

The physical selfie stick follows other software self-timer apps that have voice-triggered options, and apps that snap a shot when you smile.

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