SADNEWS! see youth corp member burnt death video


SADNEWS! see youth corp member burnt death video

On June 22, it was reported that a female corps member Ngozi Onyekwere, was set ablaze by angry villagers in Akwa Ibom state, after the car she was traveling in hit a 10-year-old boy.

Contrary to that report, the police on Wednesday, August 17, disclosed that the villagers did not do such thing revealing that, the fire that killed Ngozi who got trapped inside the car, was caused by the impact of the accident when the car crashed in a nearby gutter.

According to a report signed by the Assistant Commissioner of police, Abayomi Shogunle, he disclosed that the driver, Ugochuchwu Eze admitted that he lost control of the car. Eze, who is a medical doctor and a corps member, was able to escape from the car alongside another male passenger before it went up in flames.

The report said both survivors and bystanders watched helplessly as the vehicle was burning, and that the victim was burnt beyond recognition before the fire service personnel and other emergency responders arrived.

The 26-year-old National Youth Service Corp (NYSC), member was serving her country in the Akwa Ibom Government House, Uyo.

watch video below:

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