Photos: Man Who Donated His Hotel Building To Catholic Church, Turns Keke “Driver”


Photos: Man Who Donated His Hotel Building To Catholic Church, Turns Keke “Driver”

Mr Ray Morphy first caught our attention a few weeks ago when he went above and beyond to donate his hotel building in Lafia, Nasarawa State, to a catholic church to have it converted into a hospital for the Internally Displaced Persons.

His extraordinary gesture, was an inspirational act of kindness that didn’t go unnoticed.

Morphy recently did something that most Nigerians wouldn’t dare attempt. Living the simple life!

In a bid to see what it felt like living the life of an average Nigerian hustler, Morphy took a day out, got hold of a tricycle and pretended to be a real Keke Napep rider.

The shocking reactions he got from passengers pretty much summed up his experience.

Below is how he tells his story:


I am back and I had a lot of fun today cruising the city as a keke Operator!

Lots of fun carrying passengers to their destinations and then refusing their money.

Come and see surprise, consternation, wonderment and even fear!

Moreover, I had a blast speaking to passengers with an Oxford accent. Some pitied me when I told them I just returned from UK and since I had no job, I took to keke riding.

Come and see sympathy. Ordinary Nigerians are truly kind and loving people! God bless you all for your kind hearts!

It was fun and I had the pleasure of sharing and interacting with people I would never had met otherwise! Glad I had the brainwave to do this.

A couple of females even shed tears of sympathy for me. They were sad that I came back home from abroad only to become a keke Operator! Women can be so kind!

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