Ongoing BVN Scam: Even The Most Cautious Person May Fall For This One


Ongoing BVN Scam: Even The Most Cautious Person May Fall For This One

A Nairaland user just shared this eye-opening story, we can all learn from it!

“Please read this carefully, it may save you a few hundred, or a few thousand, or may be a few million bucks. It’s a personal experience, a true event that happened this afternoon. I am Sunday Adewole, I just fell victim of fraudsters a few hours ago. I am an account holder with StanbicIBTC bank, I am trying to put fund together to pay for my daughter’s tuition fee in CU in which case the institution already resumed last week. Yesterday afternoon, I got a call from somebody purportedly from StanbicIBTC who said “Am I speaking with Dr. Adewole” (called out my other names) to which I answered in the affirmative. He said he called in respect of my BVN which I was observed not to have done, I replied that I already had it done with Skye bank and he said the bank will send me a link so that my account with Stanbic will be linked with the BVN. True to our conversation, I receive a message from StanbicIBTC in which an OTP was sent to my phone. A few minutes later, he called to ask if I got the the SMS, I told him yes but I can’t do anything about it cos I was driving. He said no problem I should call out the numbers which I did and he thanked me for my cooperation in a customer service manner. I heard nothing since then till this afternoon at precisely 13:00 hrs when I received a SMS from StanbicIBTC informing me of a debit transaction which cleared my account to the lowest thousand, i.e. I was left with a paltry N685 (six hundred and eighty five naira). I called my account officer who confirmed to me that I have fallen victim of fraudsters and he checked up on my account and saw that the recipient acct is in First Bank. My puzzle is how did they get my account details? How were they able to generate an OTP to my phone. I am waiting to see what my bank would do on it. In the mean time, please be aware of what the 419 people can do. I’ll keep you posted on any new development.”

Oh dear!
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