Nigerian Woman Develops Application To Reduce Africa’s Mortality Rate


Nigerian Woman Develops Application To Reduce Africa’s Mortality Rate

Nigerian Woman Develops Application To Reduce Africa's Mortality Rate

A young Nigerian, Miss Kesandu Nwokolo has developed a mobile phone application to help reduce infant and maternal mortality in Africa. According to a statement obtained by NAN in Lagos, the innovative healthcare app would revolutionise the health sector in Nigeria and Africa.

The application developed by Nwokolo and her team is called ”CradleCount”.

The statement noted that about six out of 10 women have their babies at home, where the delivery was not supervised by a skilled birth attendant. Errors in estimating the expected date of delivery could lead to the baby being delivered supposedly unexpected.

“This is the problem faced by pregnant women in Nigeria and many parts of Africa, if this is not addressed, there will be increased pregnancy related complications resulting in more maternal and infant mortality.

“This is where technology and innovation come in. Seeing these shocking statistics and challenges faced by pregnant women led to the development of the mobile phone application, CradleCount.

“CradleCount helps pregnant women and also health practitioners to calculate accurately the expected date of delivery using the last menstrual period. “The app informs pregnant women how many days to the delivery of the baby and has alerts that remind pregnant mothers to register and follow up with their antenatal care.

“It also sends regular pregnancy and health tips to expectant mothers and the app can also work without an internet connection,” it said.

The App is well designed with good aesthetic values and nice background colours. The expectant mothers can change the background of the app depending on the sex of the baby they are expecting.

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