Mother’s Day: A Celebration in Million Times


Mother’s Day: A Celebration in Million Times

A mother is someone who supports and motivates us throughout our life. Mothers can replace anybody in our life but nobody can replace our mother. She never expects anything from us except love.

A mother is a person in our life who gives us birth, who teaches us how to live this life, who enlightens us on the good and bad times. No matter how much we get successful in life, no other thing can give us peace as the  mother’s lap.

No matter how hard we try, we cannot pay her debts in our entire life. She sacrifices many things for her children. She deserves to be honored. For honoring the mother, motherhood, maternal bonds and her influence in society, we celebrate Mother’s Day also known as Mothering Sunday every year. This is a global day usually celebrated on second Sunday of May every year in Nigeria and some other countries like the USA.

The origins of this celebration date back to the Ancient Greek times, but the way which it is celebrated today began in America in 1908.

The ancient Greeks dedicated an annual spring festival to maternal goddesses, and ancient Romans also celebrated a spring festival called Hilaria which was for a mother goddess called Cybele.

Other stories say that this date was to honour mothers. A prayer service was also held in church for the Virgin Mary and children would bring gifts and flowers to pay tribute to their mothers.

This day had almost died out completely by the 19th century.

After this, in America the idea of an official celebration for all mothers came in 1872 from Julia Ward Howe, an activist, writer and poet.

She became famous for her Civil War song “Battle Hymn of the Republic” and suggested that June 2 should be annually celebrated as Mother’s Day and should be a day dedicated to peace.

Julia also delivered a passionate appeal to women in 1870 in Boston and urged them to rise against war, and she initiated a Mothers’ Peace Day service on the second Sunday in June and annually held the meeting for a couple of years.

The writer worked hard to have Mother’s Day declared as an official holiday, but it was later replaced by the holiday now celebrated in May in America.

Anna Jarvis is recognised as the woman who invented Mother’s Day in America after she held a memorial for her mother in West Virginia in 1908.

Having established a clear background of the celebration, there is a need to know its significance in the 21st century and understanding the actual essence of the celebration.

On this note, the writer bring to the knowledge of the reader the amazing ways to celebrate this great that can be best described as “A Celebration in Million Times”

The celebration of Mother’s Day is now done by people all over the world by presenting gifts to mother and every motherly figure. Today celebration of Mother’s Day is all about gifting flowers, cards, jewellery and visiting restaurants or giving a holiday surprise to mother.

These are the ways people choose to express their gratitude of making mother feel special on the Mother’s Day and to pay thanks to mother for all her contributions for shaping the society.

Today, the celebration of Mother’s Day is done in a way that pleases us and not the celebrants, our mothers. Many at times fail to understand the deep meaning of Mother’s Day and this leads them abusing the essence of the celebration.

However, you can best celebrate this day by recompensing the love of motherhood in your special way. It is a day you must sacrifice to stay with your mother and make her feel important. Don’t forget that your mother is the greatest asset that you can ever have and you must make do with this day to celebrate her unfailing love in your life.

In summary, every year, a theme is dedicated to the celebration of mother’s day. The theme of celebration of Mother’s Day 2018 is not decided as to the time this report was filed. Theme for the Mother’s Day in the year 2017 is “Every Mother knows”. The theme for the Mother’s Day in the year 2016 was “Hands of the Mother”.

The writer wishes to dedicate this piece to all mothers who have lost their lives to the ongoing killings across the federation and also to all mothers in the world at large

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