Meet Pretty Hausa Babe, Hauwa Mohammed: ‘The Original Igbo Girl’ (Pictured)


Meet Pretty Hausa Babe, Hauwa Mohammed: ‘The Original Igbo Girl’ (Pictured)

Hauwa Mohammed Is Not Your Ordinary Hausa Girl ,She’s The Original Igbo Girl

Hauwa Mohammed is the first Northern, hausa, muslim vlogger BUT NOT YOUR ORDINARY HAUSA GIRL!. She’s proudly from Gombe State and an aspiring successful business woman who is so passionate about everything that her friends call her The Original Igbo Girl!

This Vlog is just 6mins of everything you need to know!

Hauwa wishes to change how people perceive Northern women and the North as a whole and wants to inspire/encourage ALL women to stop hawking on the streets, to get an education, get jobs or at least get something doing no matter how small it may be.

She will talk about

-businesses, dealing with polygamy…
-Is a woman really equal to a man?

-How fake hair is being sold as real human Brazilian hair and how to spot the difference.

– why women should STOP leaving their men because they cheated. This is the most important topic every one cannot wait to hear about because everyone says the opposite………

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