Linder Ikeji’s Humble Start(Blogging)


Linder Ikeji’s Humble Start(Blogging)

Linder Ikeji's Humble Start(Blogging)
Url: Lindaikejisblog.com
As we all know, Blogging Is Alot’s Of Fun And Benefits If You are good in it.
Have you ever wonder how this buzzing word “blogging” crippled into Nigerian? Blogging have become an online integral term for Nigerians but it wasn’t like that in some couple of years back. (funny me, then i was still in primary school. Dont even know the word call BLOGGING) Blogging have a relatively short history in Nigeria, even when compared with international blogs. If I say that there are over thousands of Nigerian blogs on the web today I’m pretty sure it is not an over estimation. There is no any other time that we can talk about blogging in Nigeria if not now that the numbers of Nigerian blogs have skyrocketed even Linda Ikeji has made it in the blogging world. 70% of business owners now own and run a blog.
In 2005, Nairaland forum, an online community created by Seun Osewa joins the trend. Many Nigerian bloggers seeing how promising Nairaland is going as been the Nigeria biggest online forum, nairaland was created befor Linda Ikeji Set Up her own blog. •Bellanaija’s blog created by Uche Eze. Bellanaija’s blog (is all about Entertainments, Fashion, Style and News blog) was first created before Linda Ikeji blog and still rank high today; though, not as popular as Linda Ikeji’s blog. 
•Linda ikeji’s blog created by LINDA IKEJI herself not because she wants to copy someone, its because she as the great passion in her heart towards blogging more over before she created her blog, the Job she was into its Model. Linda ikeji being inspired by Bella naija’s blog, an entertainment, fashion and style blog created her blog (Entertainments, Fashion, Style and Gossip blog) under the Google free blogging platform, blogger.com. Today, Linda Ikeji is popular tag the face of blogging in Nigeria because of her outstanding success in the blogging world. She has made a name that will be difficult to be erase from the history of blogging in Nigeria not even Nigeria alone but around the globe. 
Linda Ikeji Created her blog on Sunday, November 26, 2006. The first post she publish on her blog, read it below
“this is me…linda
hi everyone. my name is linda ikeji, im 26 years old, i am from nkwerre, imo state. i am a graduate of english from the university of lagos. i finished in 2003. im christian/catholic. im fro a family of 9. i have five sisters and a brother. im the second girl, second child. im 5 ‘8’, pretty..or so people have told me..i no im pretty... im a model, been modeling for eight years in nigeria. in 2004, i started my own company called blackdove communications…why the name blackdove? it was inspired by silverbird..a name and a bird. it so happens that my name favourite colour is black and favourite bird is the dove..so viola! i run a modeling agency and im also into events management..mostly beauty pageants and fashion shows. done a few myself, the problem with this country is lack of sponsorship..anyway, thankfully this year i really discovered my true passion..my magazine. fm&b magazine. how many of you have seen it? i did a formal launching on the 25th of june this year..unfortunately i havent been able to release the second edition..which by the way has been ready for a while now..its just been difficult raising money to print it. the magazine business is really capital intensive..but dont worry, you will see the second very soon and if you loved the first edition, the second will simply blow your mind..its packed and more mature than the first. i have a website for my mag..its fmbmagazine.com…but pls dont check it now..its under construction, i’ll let you know when to go check it out..i was inspired to start my blog after i saw bella naija’s blog..how many of you have seen it? the gal is a dynamite..thanks for inspiring me bella..enough said, dont want to bore you.if you want to know anything about me, feel free to ask me…and yes im single…searching? maybe . today sunday 26 2006 marks the beginning of lots of fun for us..i promise to give you the best..make sure u visit this blog atleast everyday..God bless you all..linda” wow Linda Ikeji blog url is Lindaikejisblog.com God Has Bless This Lady Beyond Surprise also this is the beginning of her success. She really did a great job on her blog thats why she is enjoying today, my advice for upcoming bloggers/webmasters like me “never give up because you will surely reap what you sow also remember miracle dont happen in a seconds it determine your hardwork and dont give up keep pushing it, you will get there..” Linda Ikeji is enjoying what she as been reaping since 2006 and here today she is among the richest bloggers in the world, See Below the bloggers that have made it in the industry after linda ikeji created her blog:
•Nairacoded Owned By Nnamani Uchenna in 2014. Its A blog for Music,News,and lot More
URL; www.nairacoded.com
•Naijaloaded created by Makinde Azeez in 2009. It was once a forum but later convert into a blog as a result of hacker’s bad experience. Url naijaloaded.com
•Bellanaija’s blogcreated by Uche Eze. Bellanaija’s blog (Entertainments, Fashion, Style and News blog) was first created before Linda Ikeji blog and still rank high today; though, not as popular as Linda Ikeji’s blog.
•NotjustOK– Nigerian Music site that provides you with Downloads of Nigerian & African Songs & Videos of your favorite Artists or singers. This was also created in 2006
There are so many other Nigerian blogs that were created in 2006; some of them that were create under Google free Blogger.com platform had been abandoned by their owners after unsuccessful monetization of the blog with Google AdSense. Between the year 2007 and 2009, other numerous top ranking Nigeria Blogs sprang up.

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