Details From Buhari’s Presidential Media Chat(Photos)


Details From Buhari’s Presidential Media Chat(Photos)

Details From Buhari's Presidential Media Chat(Photos)

President Muhammadu Buhari was very frank during his presidential media chat on Wednesday night as he tackled pressing issues confronting the economy and Nigeria at large. He said there is a possibility that he would stop Senators in their bid to spend a whooping N45billion to buy exotic cars in the name of committee works when the government has already given them vehicle allowance.

This is even as Buhari said he had earlier turned down a N400m car proposal for the presidency.

On the contentious issue of subsidy, Mr President said
“By the end of next quarter, you will not be talking of subsidy,” adding that petrol will be selling less than the current N87 per liter even without subsidy, so there is no need for anyone to talk of subsidy.

On suicide bombings, he said “If this thing continues, Hijab would have to be banned.” Unemployed youths who are seeking to benefit from the N5k stipend might be sent to farms for serious work.

Mr President also addressed issues on Sambo Dasuki, plight of the IDPs, Nnamdi Kanu, etc. It was sure a very interesting and frank chat that saw him speak without any theatrics and bogus promises.

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