Beautiful Photos from Universal Queen Nigeria 2020 as Queen OLIVER FLORENCE emerges winner


Beautiful Photos from Universal Queen Nigeria 2020 as Queen OLIVER FLORENCE emerges winner

It was a highly colorful impressive event with massive turn out of South East residents and Nigeria at large, fans, friends, sponsors, celebrities and personalities.

It was indeed a typical example of epoch-making occasion that held audience spell bound till the last display on stage. The event which paraded about 30 contestants on stage representing different states was not only colourful but entertaining as loads of upcoming artist were given opportunities to entertain the audience.
Some personalities were honoured with Universal Ambassador’s awards while few organisations and brands were recognised with certificate of honour. The high of the entertainment was the performance of Star artists Cozzicole and others which followed with the crowning of the 2020 Universal Queen Nigeria queens.

It is worthy to note that its the forth(4th) edition with theme THE CULTURE EDITION.

The Universal Queen Nigeria winner was offered a whopping sum of $1000, a trip to Ghana with some other consultation prizes giving to the runner up of the event.

According to the Universal Queen Nigeria Pageant Creative Director
GODFREY PHILIP who spoke to the media expressed satisfaction over the packaging of the event while we interviewed him said:
There is no gain saying that without peace, development is practically impossible, 360 EXPREZZ NIG LTD “the organizers of UNIVERSAL QUEEN NIGERIA BEAUTY PAGEANT, is focused majorly in promoting peace across Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. Women have traditionally played a limited role in peace building processes even though they often bear the responsibility for providing for their families basic needs in the aftermath of violent conflict.

They are specially likely to be unrepresented or underrepresented in negotiations, political decision making, upper-level policy making and senior judicial positions.

Many societies’ cultures prevent them from recognizing the role women can play in peace building. However, many peace building academics and the United Nations have recognized that women play a vital role in securing the three pillars of sustainable peace: economic recovery and reconciliation, social cohesion and development and political legitimacy, security and governance

We believe strongly that no nation can achieve any meaningful growth and development without a peaceful environment. To enable us achieve this and also maintain our culture and heritage as a nation, we have taken it upon ourselves to crushed and advocate about peace to every single Nigerian ranging from the young down to the old to:

“Embrace peace and shun violence”

In our quest for sustainable peace, we have tailored our efforts towards Nigerian youths, because in recent time the youths have being a centre point for violence.

The emerged queen will use the medium to advocate and educate the community leaders and school heads including the youths, aiming at creating society free from drug abuse, child abuse, child labor & molestation, crime and other forms of violence.

More also, the task and responsibility of achieving a sustainable peace is a collective efforts which the agency is equally using this avenue to call all Nigerian, both government agencies, corporate organizations, NGOs and individuals to join hand let’s make our nation a conducive country for inhabitation.

The event celebrates creativity, hard work, beauty, tourism, peal awareness and peace education. The pageantry has a high moral standard and aimed at empowering the Nigerian women with support and life changing programs that addresses the diverse challenges that confront the country today.

He also commended the contestants for their conduct on in camp and overwhelming display on stage. He further buttresed in his word “Although, it was not by our strength alone but the grace and favour of God. Several people keyed into the Universal Queen Nigeria.
He gave his special appreciation to

Universal Queen Nigeria Gold Queen 2020

Universal Queen Nigeria National Director

Universal Queen Nigeria Pageant Manager NNEKA EZEH.

The winners are:
Universal Queen Nigeria 2020 Winner

Universal Queen Nigeria Tourism 2020

Universal Queen Nigeria Culture 2020.

Universal Queen Nigeria Ambassador 2020

Universal Queen Nigeria Top Model 2020

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